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Oct 26

Dr Lebowitz,

I have already left several comments on other posts related to my excitement as a parent who hopes to apply Space therapy to my situation with my 23 year old daughter. Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have stumbled onto your work. I have been reading and seeking help for 10 years and nothing has grabbed my parental attention like the SPACE treatment/ theory has. It was a freaking AHA Moment. That’s all I can say. Wish I had known about it a decade ago. Would have changed tbe course of our family‘s life.

There is still time to help my daughter. . Your book arrives on Monday. I can barely wait. There is great fear.. but also hope. At this point we have nothing left to lose. Thanks again.. will keep this forum posted on how we are progressing.!.

Thanks for your message! I am very glad you're finding our work helpful and hope things improve. Eli

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  • Hi, I am very pleased with using the SPACE program with my patient. I had one particular family who was referred to me after seeing three other therapists to help address their son’s OCD. The child was engaging compulsive behaviors (asking questions) at least 3hrs per day and was adamant that he wouldn’t engage in treatment. After doing SPACE, I worked with the family around reducing accommodations, and we saw significant changes right away. The child’s rituals during bedtime went from asking questions for at least 90 mins to 5-10 mins after the 1st week. I was shocked! I have been using SPACE with the family for almost two months now, and the parents tearfully mentioned during a session that for the first time in years, they feel that they are using strategies “ that work ” and have hope for their future (thanks to this program). I highly recommend for other providers to learn about SPACE.
  • Just wanted to say thank you to all of the parents and professionals who are commenting on this forum. On my profile I mentioned that I am a parent of a very anxious/ depressed and avoidant 23 year old daughter who school refused after a bullying incident 10 years ago and has been on a down hill trajectory ever since. She has had a past history of OCD as a young child as well. It has been a second full time job trying to help my daughter move forward in life with little success. It has taken a grave toll on our entire family unit. Therapy, meds.. have not helped one bit .She is a reluctant participant with a great degree of hopelessness and apathy. Through reading and great luck I have happened onto Dr Lebowitz’s research on SPACE therapy and how I can apply this to our situation. I immediately identified with the theory. I immediately understood how it might help. Frankly we have nothing to lose. I am fearful but also excited as heck to start applying the practice. The question now is HOW?! I can barely find information on SPACE much less a provider to support us. So please ! Everyone get trained and pass the word. There is a HUGE unmet need.. not only for the young kids just beginning their difficulties... but also for the young adults who suffer now and whose families really had no idea 10 years ago how over accommodation may have played a huge part in their ensuing problems. I will buy all the books and continue to Read as much as I can. Again.. thank you to Dr Lebowitz and all the providers who have chosen to make it their life’s work to help people in despair and distress. You have a gift. We families are forever grateful.
  • Hello. My name is Tara and I'm writing from Ireland. I trained in NVR some years ago with Dr Declan Coogan (NUI Galway) and I now train practitioners in this model/programme which is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. I am also a PhD student - exploring parent experiences of child to parent violence and NVR. This work introduced me to the SPACE programme and I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Lebowitz's presentation in Tel Aviv last year. In partnership with a colleague (a Systemic Family Therapist), I am using SPACE in a group setting. Eleven parents attend weekly and we find the manual to be very helpful and an excellent guide. This is my second group. For the first, I partnered with a Clinical Psychologist and parents reported that it was very useful. Although we have planned and studied for this in great detail, I am mindful of the fact that we have not availed of SPACE training. Is it likely to be available in Europe at any stage? The parents that have attended our groups have made significant changes. Moving away from waiting for the child to be treated and taking action themselves -essentially moving from protector to supporter - has been a new and positive position to take in relation to their child's anxiety. I would really welcome the opportunity to connect with others around SPACE and to further my learning. I am committed to attending the formal training as soon as I can. I expect that this forum will be very much welcomed by practitioners. Tara