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Becoming a Certified SPACE Provider

Why a SPACE Certification Process?

Therapists and patients alike frequently seek a means of establishing and documenting competency in the delivery of SPACE treatment.

What is the Certification Process?

The process starts with an initial application and a screening interview with a certified SPACE supervisor. Applicants must be licensed mental health providers in their area, have experience working with relevant clinical populations, and have attended a (2-day or more) SPACE training workshop. 

Once the initial application is reviewed and approved the certification process includes:

  • Treatment of (at least) 6 SPACE cases with ongoing individual consultation from a certified SPACE supervisor

  • Participation in (at least) 12 group consultation meetings held by a certified SPACE supervisor

  • Submission and review of a case portfolio, documenting SPACE treatment and implementation of SPACE treatment components in (at least) 6 cases

  • Submitting a letter from the individual supervisor supporting the certification


What are the Costs of Certification?

The costs of becoming certified in SPACE are simply the costs of the consultation hours required for certification.

Individuals consultation hours cost $180, can provide consultation for up to two cases (and can be shared between two therapists who each consult about one case).

Group consultation encounters cost $100 per meeting. 

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